Come join us as we explore nature in its many forms! 

We have a very robust program, so sign up today so you can find out all about it!


Nature Club Chair: Brian Conklin


Contact: sascnatureclub@gmail.com 

Mission Statement  

SASC Nature Club seeks to advance nature education through interactions between our members and other individuals and organizations in order to raise the next generation of conservationists and environmentalists.


 We envision a society willing to contribute to the conservation of the natural world.  We envision a community of steward-educators inviting people of all ages to explore and enjoy nature.


We believe the shrinking natural world needs champions in conservation efforts beginning in our own back yards so that others may learn to appreciate and enjoy all that nature offers. 

We started this club in order to promote wellness, appreciation for the wildlife and the environment that exists in our area, preservation awareness, learn about sustainable living, build our community, and have fun along the way. 

All Nature Club participants MUST be Nature Club Members ($25 fee/family) and have a liability waiver on file for each member of the family that will be participating.





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